Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I have just got over with my 9 day break between two jobs. It was difficult leaving my previous job that had given me a lot...I may or may not miss the kind of work, but I will surely miss the people that I had interacted regularly over 3.5 years.

As far as reading was concerned, I think I had far too many things on my mind to read...(I know it is weird, still it is the truth). Then I was totally hooked to the The Mentalist tv show starring Simon Baker. For days, I was just spending time watching episode after episode of that show.

As of now, I am actively trying to bring myself out of the hibernation though I don't see much progress considering that I am shifting to another rented apartment next weekend. I am dreading the hours to be spent to do unpacking and tidying up in the coming weeks.

I am far behind in the Goodreads Challenge that I have decided not to pursue it further. I have read 50 books which is a good number, but my challenge was to read 75 in 2013. But I am still satisfied with my performance :)

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  1. A job & house shift is definitely an acceptable excuse for not meeting the challenge :) Nevertheless commendable achievement lady! Hope the new job & place allows you to continue with your reading and writing as well. All the very best :)


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